Wearable Objects, 2004

Presented in the group art exhibit “Beautiful, Male, Objects” at Sarah Nightingale Gallery, South Hampton, NY, 2004.


Wearable Objects-Project Description
This work came out of the some of the same set of interests that fueled the Fictive Runway project. I had a continued fascination with cheap found or store-bought items which could be incorporated into contemporary fashion, both to acknowledge their beauty, and also to revalue the lingering traces of craft practices still to be found in mass produced objects.

Watchbandwear: The first of the three works is made from a sheet of white leather, found in the trash on the street. It is from a company that was producing watchbands for children’s watches, and the piece is the left over, after the items were cut from it. The dress works almost like an apron, with a simple ribbon at the back for closure. As a result of the crisscross it also reads a little like lingerie.

Tablewear: The second work is made from two table cloths and a napkin, along with blue jean fabric. This piece has amazing movement properties when worn, with the legs of the pants functioning almost like a bolero dress for flamenco dancing. It also has a “country” feel, but with an exposed back and open slots near the breast and midriff, also reads as sexy club-wear.

Jumpropewear: The third work is made from children’s plastic jump ropes, white trevira voile, and elastic waistband material, like that used for simple cotton underwear. This piece is entirely un sewn, and was made using knitting needles to pierce the elastic band and with the trevira voile knotted to it.