Stemming the Tide, 2013

720p, 29.97fps, 6 minute 45 seconds, single channel, silent video work.

Presented in the exhibit “In Kritieke Staat” (In a Critical State), at Het KunstenLab (The Art lab), Deventer, Netherlands.

Curated by Marit Otto & Patrick Mangnus

Project Description:

Created by the artist doing screen captures of going through his own email, and responding to requests to take action on behalf of different causes. The video increases in speed over time suggesting the urgency of countering negative forces in the world, and fades out at the end, with the suggestion that the need to take action is ongoing, and perhaps never-ending. The viewer is left with the task of deciding whether efforts to change the world via electronic action at a distance are vital or hopeless, naive or heroic, or simply a necessary part of everyday life.

Video Excerpt (One minute, silent):