(Sub) Prime Real Estate, 2010

Plastic retail display parts, found and altered plexiglass sign, and Plexiglass base. 9″h x 31″w x 24″d

Created at, and presented during The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts “Studio Residency for New York City Arts Workers”, New York City.

Project Description:

This is a sculpture made of objects found mostly around the vicinity of EFA. The theme is self explanatory, though the visual surface is intended to confound a quick political reading, and to create questions in the mind of the viewer. The modified plexiglass sign from which the title is drawn, is cut from a section of a larger plexiglass sign found in the garbage on the street. Given the number of artists in the neighborhood, it may even have been part of some previous artist’s discarded project. The shinny artificial quality of the materials suggests the supply chain in modern industrial manufacturing, and the waste as these materials are used to create things that are now not even needed, as their completely artificial value has now plummeted.